2000 Mules is proof positive Trump won the 2020 Election!

Our future is in our hands if good people get involved at every level. We are standing up against DC over-reach and getting results!

Citizen participation!

We know time is of the essence
We send out Action Alerts


To Save our Republic, we need you and your talents! We can plug you in to the right candidates and efforts.


  • Register New voters at events, at your church

  • Audit the 2020 Vote

  • School Choice - school board participation

  • Support America First candidates including State Senate & Representative candidates / Sheriff / County Legislators 

  • Precinct Committee Strategy

  • Patriotic Curriculums in our schools

  • No CRT

  • Election Day Workers / Volunteers









Text Defend to 474747 / defend@defendmissouri.net

2000 Mules - What next?


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with Dignity, with Respect, with Kindness, with Charity, SO HELP ME GOD.