Election Integrity

School Freedom & Pro America Curriculum

Freedom: Speech, Assembly..




America's Judeo-Christian heritage is what makes America exceptional. The cultural Marxists hate the traditional American family and the Biblical church. However, we will win if patriots stand up and unite!


Election Integrity: Get rid of electronic voting machines / Use Paper Ballots Only / Vote Audits / Clean Up Voter Rolls / Lawful Voter Registration / No Ballot Harvesting / Impeach Corrupt Politicians


Academic Freedom & Constitutional Education: No Face Coverings in our Schools / Ban Critical Race Theory teaching or 1619 curriculum / School Choice / No Transgender Males in Women's Sports / Teach Constitution & Bible in schools / No Common Core / STEM Curriculum


Medical Freedom & Free Speech: No Vaccine Passports / Back The Blue / No Mask Mandates / Churches Open / Right to Try Ivermection & HCQ / Attend School Board meetings / Make Missouri a Free Speech Sanctuary state and take on Big Tech re censorship



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