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Election Integrity.

We have a Senate race in Missouri, and Defend Missouri is asking the question: Where is AG Eric Schmitt on a Full Forensic Vote Audit of November 3 2020? And what does AG Eric Schmitt plan to do to get a Full Forensic Vote Audit of November 3 2020?


Eric Greitens, who was unfairly railroaded from the Governor's seat, says the right things and shows up with the right people from Arizona that are working for a full forensic audit, but he's not putting the screws to anyone in Missouri to get an audit done. (And the clock is ticking.)


Eric Schmitt, who is great about standing AGAINST Jab Passports, Mandatory Masks, Gun control etc is OH SO quiet about an election audit.


Interestingly, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft doesn't seem to care about auditing November 3 2020.


We Need Our Missouri Leaders To Call for a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT NOW!