Object Clause:


To amend the County Charter so that it establishes election integrity procedures to (a) prevent attempts to fraudulently influence the County's elections, (b) instill confidence in the voters in the reported results of its elections (c) Anonymity - keep how people voted anonymous - which is impossible with electronic machines (votes have to remain anonymous) .


Article XXI,


Sec. 1. Prohibited Election Conduct

No voting machine may be utilized in any election to count or calculate votes.  All ballots shall be paper ballots.  All votes shall be counted by hand by the judgment of the human eye.  All counting shall occur by two persons, one appointed by each of the two largest vote-getting parties (Republican and Democrat most likely but not necessarily) in the previous state gubernatorial election.

Any differences or uncertainties in counting by the two shall only be resolved by an individual approved and appointed in advance of the election by the state legislature.

Mail in ballots shall be prohibited, except when requested by a voter in advance and after showing state-issued photo identification or a state-issued driver’s license.

All internet connectivity shall be discontinued at any polling place during the entire time votes are cast and counted.  In addition, all persons serving in any capacity at a polling location, except observers, shall from the time of poll closing until the vote has been finally and publicly reported check in their cell phones so the counting occurs without the potential bias of any electronic sources of information of vote totals from other locations.

Local law enforcement officials shall prohibit the delivery of boxes or containers of any kind at a polling place from the time the polls are first open for voting until after all votes have been counted and reported.

Sec. 2. Registration Requirements

All registration to vote shall occur on or before 14 days prior to an election day.  Such registration shall require the registering individual to show valid state-issued photo identification or a valid state-issued driver’s license.  No identification or driver’s license which has expired shall be valid.

Sec. 3. Election Observer and Reporting Requirements

No early voting shall be permitted more than two weeks before election day.  All mail in ballots must be received two days before election day.  Otherwise, they shall not be counted.  Mail in balloting cannot be permitted to delay the announcement of full election totals within six hours after the poll’s closing.

All voters in all elections shall be required to show valid state-issued photo identification or a valid state-issued driver’s license.  No identification or driver’s license which has expired shall be valid.

All observers in a polling station shall be located within five feet of any station they desire to observe.  Observers inside a polling station shall also be permitted to photograph any or all activities they desire.  Private citizens outside a polling station shall be permitted to photograph

any and all activity they desire and shall be free from any liability of any kind for such photographing.  All photographing shall be understood to include and allow video-taping and the recording of sound and voice. 

All ballots shall be counted only at and reported only from the place where the votes are cast.

Under no condition shall the counting of votes be stopped between the time that a poll has closed and four hours thereafter unless completed.

All votes shall be counted and reported within six hours of the time voting has closed.  No votes being reported thereafter shall be valid.

All vote totals shall be reported from all locations on the following basis:  (a) by 11:59 p.m. of the night before the election (relating to early voting and mail in ballots); and (b) at one hour and each hour thereafter following the scheduled polling closing time; (c) a final count at six hours after the scheduled polling closing time. 

Sec. 4. Legislative Election Authority

The legislature of the state shall have authority in elections for president and vice president of the United States to adjust or void any vote totals it determines appropriate.  It may also ignore any vote totals and exercise its right to appoint electors as specified under the United States Constitution.

Any alleged violation of state election law may be remedied by a complaint filed with the state legislature, who shall promptly according to its own procedures review, receive evidence, and make a final ruling on the same.

Sec. 5. Inspection Rights

All registration material, election-related computer files and data bases, and actual ballots cast shall remain available for inspection by representatives of any state party, the legislature, the courts, and any group of 1,000 or more requesting registered voters, for up to 2 years following the election

Sec. 6. Election Crimes

Any person (a) voting twice or more times in a single election, or (b) voting on behalf of a deceased person, or (c) voting using another person’s name, or (d) voting who is not a United States citizen shall be guilty of treason against the state.

Election officials denying any right to observers to an election shall be guilty of a Class III felony.

Any person who resets or erases any election files or data bases, or destroys or misplaces any ballots prior to the end of the 120-day inspection period shall be guilty of a Class III felony.

Any polling supervisor who fails to report partial and final results on the schedule shall be guilty of a Class III felony.

Any ballot counter who intentionally, with a lack of good faith, causes ballots to be adjudicated shall be guilty of a Class III felony.

Sec. 7 Ballots Authenticity

All paper ballots will have a watermark specific to the election. August 2, 2022 or November 8,2022 for example.

Sec. 8 Military Ballots & Absentee Ballots for disabled citizens

All ballots sent to military servicemen and women, and for disabled citizens, must make known their status by enclosing a copy of their military identification (photocopy), or in the case of disability, medical proof of their disability which would logically demonstrate that they are physically unable to show up at the polls to vote. Absentee voting for travel reasons would not be allowed under this proposal. Military ballots and absentee ballots must be mailed out with enough time for the ballot to arrive at its destination and for the return of the vote by mail.

Sec. 9 Sealed Boxes & Chain of Custody

Every precinct or voting location should have a sealed box where paper ballots are deposited after the voter votes, with the box not to be opened until the polls are officially closed. There must be both a Democrat and Republican approved observer on premise when the votes are counted. The votes will be counted at the voting location with the results phoned in, and emailed in by both counting parties witnessing and actually counting the votes.

Sec. 10 Inviolability of Start and End Time on Election Day

No judge or election official shall extend the voting times from 7am to 7pm. Should any judge insert his or her opinion and mandate a change to election times to extend or shorten election hours, such interference will be considered a Class B felony and will be brought to trial and could result in said judge, losing their law license. 

Sec. 11 Staffing Up on Election Day

To implement paper ballots, many volunteers will be needed on election day manning each precinct location. It will be the County Election Board Chairs from both parties making sure that each precinct, has 1 Republican and 1 Democrat counting. Volunteers that will be doing the counting, may come from every walk of life be it the American Legion, VFW etc. Should the Democrats or Republicans have an insufficient number of volunteers on election day, then the opposing party may fill the vote counting positions because of the other party's lack of effort.

Sec. 12 No Electronic Machine Usage

Each county election board chair will confirm the logistics of how many ballots will be needed and supply clean unmarked ballots throughout the election if more ballots are needed. To confirm that a mail in style flooding of already marked ballots doesn't happen (to a polling place with unusually high turnout), said precinct or voting place observers must review (together, not separately) that each ballot handed out, is unmarked and pristine. All precincts shall use paper ballots only and all tallies must be done by human counting and handling with 2 (two) people present. If no volunteers show up to a polling place, and there is a problem with voting, the voter will be re-directed to another voting location nearby by calling their county board of elections. Worst case scenario, the voter may pick a close by voting location. 

Sec. 13 Recording of Election Day & Adjudication

Anyone may record the election day proceedings. If any irregularity is perceived by a voter, a volunteer or a paid election day worker, the video recording may receive a same day decision by a judge to address and/or correct the irregularity or election malfeasance. The video may be recorded on a phone and presented as evidence.

Sec. 14 Voting Once

There will be no electronic voting. However, there will be an electronic voting "check in" to make sure that the voter has or has not checked in as having voted.

Sec. 15 The electronic voter check in system shall be overseen by both a Republican and a Democrat.

The state republican party or state democrat party may have their "I.T." advisor inspect the voter check in system to confirm that it is legitimate and fairly not marking people as having "checked in" to vote when they haven't. These overseers must have the ability to confirm voting authenticity in "real time"

Sec. 16 Precinct Committeemen & Committeewomen Responsible to Produce Election Counters

Beyond the County Election Chairs (Democrat or Republican), the precinct committeemen and precinct committeewomen from both parties (Democrat and Republican) shall be responsible for getting volunteers to "cover" their polling locations in their precinct. Volunteers do not need to be from the same precinct; vote day counting volunteers may come from within the county of the vote or the surrounding counties.


Election Integrity.

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