Action! Action! Action!

We work to elect America First candidates that will stand for freedom in Missouri. Our future is in our hands if good people get involved at every level. We are standing up against DC over-reach and getting results!

Citizen participation!

We know time is of the essence
We send out Action Alerts


To Save our Republic, we need you and your talents! We can plug you in to the right candidates and efforts. 
  • Register New voters at events, at your church

  • School Choice - school board participation

  • Support America First candidates including State Senate & Representative candidates / Sheriff / County Legislators 

  • Precinct Committee Strategy

  • Patriotic Curriculums in our schools

  • No CRT

  • Save Girls Sports

  • Election Day Workers / Volunteers













FREEdom Pledge


I pledge to God Almighty and to my fellow Americans:


To learn the Constitution for the United States of America.

To learn the Constitution of the state in which I live.

To join with other Freedom-loving Americans to become a participating citizen.

To contribute my God-given talents in order that I may uphold, protect & further the cause of Liberty.

To do nothing from selfish ambition or vain conceit, but from humility for the glory of God & Country. 

To cooperate & collaborate with my fellow Americans towards a unified nation.

To combine redundant efforts for greater impact and to further the cause of Freedom.

To treat my fellow American as I would like to be treated: with Dignity, with Kindness, with Charity, SO HELP ME GOD.